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Friday, December 2, 2011

R4 Phase 4 Day 110

Weight - 140.6

Up 1.2 pounds.  Very little, sleep, no output and perhaps too much sodium.  Today is shot to all hell.  My daughter-in-law is supposed to be loading this weekend.  She's been wanting Mexican food.  I can do that without much trouble.  Then I did Indian food for dinner.  Not bad.  BUT  after dinner my mouth was on fire.  We went to Coldstone and I got ice cream.  I've not had Coldstone in probably two years.   I know I'll be up tomorrow.  The question will be by how much.  We have brunch on Saturday and there will be pancakes.  I'm going to do a salad for dinner on Saturday.

We have dinner out Sunday night already planned.  I am going to eat that meal only on Sunday and then Monday will be a steak day of some sort.  Then I'll go from there on Tuesday.

Lunch - (630 calories)
Chicken Carnitas (no rice or beans)
Side salad with low cal Italian dressing
1 corn tortilla
1 flour tortilla
a few chips and salsa

Dinner - (1,806 calories estimated)
half portion Chicken Tikka Masala
1/4 portion basmati rice
small piece of garlic naan bread
Gotta Have It Coldstone (Yikes)

Total calories for the day 2,436
Daily Calorie Composition: 49% from carbs, 36% from fat and 15% from protein.

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