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Monday, June 4, 2012

R6 Phase 2 Day 22

Weight - 133.6

Well, that's something new.  All prepared for a rebound after 2 lbs yesterday and I get another .8 loss.  Amazing.  Could it be that the rx was just not what my body needed and the MyHCGWay Patches?  I know when I did a planned interruption last round and came back on with the patches, it really kick-started the losses.  This time I switched over from injections to the patch with a couple of days overlap.  Now that the rx is out of my system, suddenly I've lost 2.8 lbs in two days.

Lunch - (210 calories)
100 g beef eye of round roast
160 g romaine
P2 mustard dressing
110 g apple

Dinner - (244 calories)
**P2 Egg Salad & Greek Yogurt
1 large egg, hardboiled and smashed
1 tbsp dill relish
2 tsp mustard
227 g Kirkland Signature Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
100 g strawberries

Total calories for the day 454
Daily Calorie Composition: 34% from carbs, 17% from fat and 49% from protein.

Fat 9 g; Fiber 9 g; Carb 39 g; Sodium 446 mg; Protein 56 g  

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