HCG Patch

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Made the decision

After discussing the wonders that are hcg homeopathic drops with a few people who have done at least one round of this diet.  I'm ready to make the plunge.


  1. Beth,
    Hoping to get some encouragement and pointers. I'm in R2VLCD, I started out a bit rough with fat loading days because of stressful situations, and major dental work on day 13...so this may play into it. The first week I dropped around 9 pounds and from there to here (day 17, 14.5lbs) it has been almost one long plateau. I'm not sure if I'm hungry or simply craving. I did not do this in round one. I'm starting to wonder if I should keep on or stop and I definitely don't want to stop. During round 1 I dropped consistently this round Ive not been so lucky. Maybe I´m all wet...how much did you lose second round?. Any ideas? Im doing an apple day today. Thank you Cristina

  2. I hope your apple does goes well for you. Personally I wouldn't have done one. It's very common to rollercoaster in later weeks or see very little movement on the scale.

    My first round I lost 30 lbs in 40 days. My second was much slower 27 lbs in 53 days and it felt like pulling teeth for every tenth of a pound I got. Every round is different. Often round 2 seems to be the hardest. Stick with it.. it does get better